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Customized Training

The Global Speech Solution

Client Commitment

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Customized Training
Global Speech Solutions offers customized accent modification services to help you improve your pronunciation of spoken American English. Our programs are designed to teach you which areas of your speech are important to change and the ways in which you can make these changes. The ultimate goal is to replace your existing American English speaking patterns with a more fluent and intelligible style of speech.

Each training program begins with a personal analysis of the client’s speech. This analysis reveals exactly how their pronunciation varies from standard American English and identifies specific areas for concentration. These findings then assist in determining whether a group or individual course is more appropriate, as well as the number of sessions required.

Sample Programs Include:
• Intensive 3 Day Seminar
• 7 Week Private or Group Program
• 13 Week Private or Group Course
• Individual Teleclasses and Webinars

Programs are typically offered on-site, or via teleclass and web conferencing formats. Our trainers offer seminars and courses on-site to clients worldwide and will accommodate your time and location requirements. All programs are individually customized, and pricing varies based on the client’s need.

Please contact us to find out about various program options and pricing.

The Global Speech Solution
Our methodology is based on the Compton P-ESL Method, a proven research based program for modifying a foreign accent in order to be better understood in English.

Following the initial speech analysis, a Global Speech Solutions professional teaches the client appropriate speech modification techniques, as well as the basic sounds and principles of American English. The client learns to discriminate sounds, with special emphasis placed on:

• Pronunciation
• Intonation
• Complete word production
• Voice Projection
• Conversational Speech

Our programs can be customized to include industry specific vocabulary, as well as a variety of practice modules and interactive tools.

Client Commitment
To modify an accent takes hard work and dedication. To achieve the greatest improvement possible, clients must practice outside of the training environment using the provided accent modification training materials. While no two clients are alike, clients who follow the recommended program will typically experience dramatic and measurable results.

Measurable Results

Once our client’s have completed the recommended program, a final speech analysis will be conducted. The result of this analysis is then compared to the initial data obtained so the extent of the client’s improvement can be determined. Past comparisons have shown that clients who attend all of the appropriate sessions and practice diligently can expect to experience at least 50% change in their accent or dialect.


"I wish I would have done this sooner.  My coach not only taught me how to improve my pronunciation skills, but also how to be a more dynamic speaker."
Vice President
Puerto Rico

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