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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of accent modification/reduction programs?
Foreign Accent Modification / Reduction will improve your confidence and self-esteem. You will become more fluent and intelligible, and you will gain greater understanding from listeners. Having good communication skills is your key to success both professionally and socially. Let our dedicated team of consultants show you how to improve your sound production, word stress, and intonation to achieve a flawless personal and professional image.

How long do I have to practice?
Daily practice is an integral part of our accent modification programs. In order to achieve maximum success, you will want to practice for at least one hour each day. Practice time can be broken up throughout the day, and our instructors will show you new techniques and ideas to help you incorporate practice into your daily routines.

How long will it take to see noticeable improvements?
While no two clients are alike, those who follow the recommended program will typically experience dramatic and measurable results very quickly. After your first session, you will have an awareness of new sound pronunciations and you will begin changing your old speaking patterns. Within just a few short weeks, your coworkers and family will notice a change... and within a month, you will have made a permanent improvement in your pronunciation of Standard American English.

How are results measured?
Our program results are measured through a full linguistic analysis of each participant's speech. This standardized assessment is administered before and after the program is completed, and analyzes the extent of the client’s improvement. Past comparisons have shown that clients who attend all of the appropriate sessions and complete the recommended practice, can expect to achieve at least a 50% change in their accent or dialect.

Why aren’t your prices listed?
Global Speech Solutions offers customized programs based on the client’s needs. Each course is tailor-made to meet the varied language needs of our clients and can be modified to accommodate your time and location requirements. This makes it difficult for us to list a flat rate for our services. However, rest assured that our pricing is very competitive and we offer special discounts for corporate groups.

Will trainers deliver seminars at international locations?
Yes. Upon request, our company will deliver programs in person at international locations to minimize your time away from work and reduce productivity gaps.

What qualifications do your instructors have?
Our Instructors are highly educated, and are nationally and state certified. They have many years of experience teaching accent modification techniques and are committed to improving your communication skills.


"Although I worked hard, I didn’t know how easy and fun it would be to improve my American Accent."
Marketing VP

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